Workplace Investigation

investigation_finalRLM Mediation and Investigative Services’ primary specialty is in 3rd party neutral investigations relating to workplace issues. A mediocre or poorly conducted investigation can lead to exposure to liability for companies and may be very expensive and corrupting to the workplace.

An internal investigation can be appropriate and acceptable in some cases, however, there are situations where it would be prudent to retain a 3rd party external investigator. Here are some examples that ring true:

  • Risk of internal bias or “perception” of bias
  • Multiple Complainants and/or Respondents
  • Complicated issues that would demand a hard rush factor on staff
  • Politically-charged environment
  • Questionable credibility concerns
  • The complaint involves management, HR, or even owner

At RLM Mediation and Investigative Services, we will work with you to provide a timely, neutral and comprehensive investigation to bring normalcy back to your working environment.