Why go to an external investigator?

Conducting an objective and thorough external investigation minimizes the risk that an employee will be disciplined or discharged for something that he/she did not do. Maybe things are not as they initially seemed, and the business or organization can avoid making an incorrect, damaging, and expensive judgment.

Are workplace investigations totally confidential?

No investigation can GUARANTEE total confidentiality. Remember, all workplaces are not the same. as the people who work in them. Therefore, people can and will talk among themselves. Investigations can and do the best with what is presented as evidence. We do our best to safeguard witnesses within the organization as it relates to confidential material, and minimize any threat to that confidentiality.

What does the free consultation involve?

You will receive professional advice as to whether you have a claim that has prima facie. Prima facie means literally, “first blush or first look.” It is this first blush in which the claim or case contains all of the elements to effectively and legitimately investigate the case.

Is it expensive to hire at RLM Mediation and Investigative Services?

Services rendered at RLM Mediation and Investigative Services are comparable to the majority of workplace investigations nationwide.  But do not worry, we are willing to work with you to your satisfaction.