About Me

Robert L. McCreeRLM Mediation and Investigative Services was established with the client in mind and with the goal of providing our clients with professional expertise and personal attention to their needs and concerns.

As a former Consultant II with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH, State of California enforcement agency), it became exceeding evident that attorneys were sending their clients to DFEH to make the determination of prima facie, and then upon completion of the investigation work by the Consultant, the results would be passed on from the client to the attorney who would then file the case with the courts. The real investigation would be performed by the Consultant. This is the primary reason for starting my business and providing the client with free consultation.

There are many individuals and businesses who are motivated to seek out expensive law firms to perform this type of investigative work. However, our experience tells us that by going directly to a seasoned external investigator, the client saves unnecessary time and costly billable hours.

At RLM Mediation and Investigation Services, we are well aware that this could be a difficult time with difficult decisions affecting you, your business, and the place where work is conducted. As a California licensed Private Investigator (lic. #28001), I personally, take exceptional care that the investigations minimize disruptions in your professional life and in your work, and the working environment.