2017-Predictions in the area of workplace investigations

Trump!!!  Really, people???  Ok, now that I have got that out of my system…Have you noticed that during the “election” there was all this discontent among the races and how some factions pointed fingers, manifested blame, and claimed that “they were tired of accepting PC attitudes” and became rude, uncivil, and couched this in their personalized freedoms to be unkind to others?  I remember when I was being trained in EEO investigations in the late 80’s, one of the trainers declared, “As long as individuals discriminate against one another, you will always have a job.”  I have found this dictum to be true.

As we approach 2017, my first prediction is that there will be an increase in the number of complaints nationwide.  Given the current mood of the nation seemingly sanctioned by the newly elected highest official in the land, women, Latinos, Muslims, the disabled, people of faith and color in the workplace will be faced with more ridicule, derision, scorn, political teasing and discrimination whether it be harassment or other means of harm.

WE who investigate alleged claims of discrimination must keep our ethical ideals in perspective and ask ourselves “were the allegations possible or probable?  Evidence can be either black or white…but there can also be shades of gray that might need addressing as well.  Historical discrimination or prejudice can creep into any investigation if not checked!  When we reflect on what was heard or said, should we not use an equal measure to determine political bias, for example?  REMEMBER, bigotry does not vanish by sheer will….Let me know what you think…

——STAY TUNED FOR MORE 2017 PREDICTIONS “of the worksite”——–

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